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Download the best Theif Backdrops for your Pixel 3XL and flaunt that firm OLED show of your telephone. Right now, download the best Theif wallpapers for your Pixel 3XL!

People who own the traditional Pixel 3XL want to experiment with something different on their home screens. Although the default Pixel wallpapers are fantastic and some of the best in the game, there is always room for experimentation.

In this article, we will give the absolute best Theif backdrops for your Pixel 3XL. These wallpapers can be downloaded and placed directly on your Home and Lock screens.

In addition, if this is your first time using a Pixel device, we will provide a brief guide on how to download and install these wallpapers correctly on your Pixel 3XL.

Download the top 10 Theif wallpapers for the Pixel 3XL right now.

Therefore, so that you don’t have to, we researched the topic online. The best high-definition Theif wallpapers for your Pixel 3XL have been compiled in this article, which is the culmination of many hours of work.

1080p Thief HD Wallpaper for the Pixel 3XL

The dark crusader is all you need on your telephone. The fighter ninja staring into your soul as if you are about to be attacked is the first thing you see when you open your screen. Those who attempt to access your phone intrude in the same way.

Install this wallpaper to show everyone how much you love Theif. Download it now.

TorinoGT – Thief (1080p)

Posted web-based by a craftsman named TorinoGT, the Theif is running as he’s scorched the entire city to cinders. Even better, he might have been getting away as he took something and torched the entire spot after he was finished taking.

This wallpaper’s mesmerizing images will look great on your Pixel 3XL’s crisp OLED display. Try this one out on your phone if you like Thief.

Thief Wallpaper 1440p

In this wallpaper, the Thief is posing like Batman. as if he has finished what he has always done or is prepared for the battles that lie ahead. Regardless, the wallpaper is cool, and we suggest that you test your Pixel 3XL right away.

The best part is that this wallpaper has a resolution of Quad HD (2560 x 1440 pixels), which means that it will fill every pixel on your phone’s display and demonstrate its true capabilities.

Thief Girl (4K)

The Theif girl is posing like a boss lady in this wallpaper. She has been trained for situations like this because the roof she is standing on cannot be handled by regular people.

The best accessory for your Pixel 3XL is a Thief wallpaper in 4K resolution. The vast majority of the people with strong telephones are searching for genuine high-goal backdrops, yet they can’t view as any. Wallpapers in both FHD and Quad and Ultra HD can be found in this article.

Thief Guild (4K)

Another 3880x2160p (4K) wallpaper of this powerful character for your Pixel 3XL. The girl is standing as she holds some of the most powerful and futuristic weapons, ready to face anything that comes her way.

You can download this wallpaper directly from this website and put it on the mesmerizing display of your Pixel 3XL.

How to Introduce Theif Backdrops on your Pixel 3XL?

It’s simple to add new wallpapers to your Pixel 3XL. Although we can assume that not everyone is familiar with technology, particularly the minimalist software design of Google Pixel devices, some of you may already know the method.

As a result, we have prepared a brief tutorial on how to immediately apply these wallpapers to the Homescreen and Lockscreen of your Pixel 3XL.

Step 1: Step 2: Get the wallpaper you want. Step 3: Navigate to Gallery and tap the wallpaper you want to install. Select “Use as” by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner.

Final remarks

If you have a Pixel 3XL phone and want to spice up your home screen, this blog post has some great wallpapers that are based on the movie “Thief.” The backdrops come in various goals, including 4K, Quad HD, and full HD, which will flaunt the showcase abilities of the Pixel 3XL.

The post likewise remembers a speedy aide for how to appropriately download and introduce these backdrops. Whether you love Cheat or basically need to take a stab at a genuinely new thing, these backdrops will give your Pixel 3XL a new look.


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