Wed. Jun 12th, 2024
Giant Schnauzers as Family Protection Dogs

The Giant Schnauzer is a rare but increasingly popular breed used for family protection work. Originating in Germany, it was developed to be a general-purpose working farm dog able to protect livestock and property, herd animals, and control vermin. Its versatility demanded high levels of intelligence as well as a strong protective instinct. When combined, this resulted in a highly trainable breed which we adore working with. Giant Schnauzers are perhaps most underrated of all the breeds we work with, and certainly one which deserves more popularity.

Significantly larger than its smaller cousins, the Giant Schnauzer is a tall and generally black coated dog with hypoallergenic and somewhat shaggy fur. Sometimes mistaken for a Labradoodle, it will naturally be energetic and playful particularly lending itself to active families with children who enjoy spending time outside. Adequate exercise and mental stimulation a critical and ensuring a giant schnauzer’s health and wellbeing. Long walks, advanced obedience training, and scent work such as tracking or substance detection are all excellent activities we recommend for the working Giant Schnauzer that can help keep it mentally stimulated and happy.

Given their size and excitable almost terrier-like behaviour, it is imperative that owners ensure their Giant Schnauzers are properly trained with impeccable recall. Being so intelligent, Giant Schnauzers naturally take to and enjoy obedience training, and are often capable of performing to a very high standard. As it combines obedience with tracking and protection, Schutzhund and other canine sports can be a very good form of enrichment for the working Giant Schnauzer helping keep it physically fit and mentally stimulated.

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