Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

If you are a small business owner, then you will be interested in the technological tools and software that make your work smarter. These applications for small businesses simplify your work and enable you to focus on the work you do best.

The importance of having these technologies in today’s digital world is numerous. For one, software and tools make small businesses operate efficiently. And as teams work smarter and not harder, productivity also increases. This translates into making your business more profitable. Then think of how these tools can foster communication and collaboration among small business teams. This allows employees to work smarter, regardless of where they are.

In this article, we are going to examine 5 best tools and software for small businesses that want to join the digital smart train.

Let’s dive.

 The top 5 tech tools for small business in 2023

In no particular order of preference, here are the top 5 tech tools every small business must have:

#1 Project management tools

If you want to keep multiple balls in the air, project management software is your plug. These tools function by allowing you to track your business activities, appointments, deadlines, and schedules.

An important feature of these tools is the automatic reminder. You will get a notification of upcoming events on your schedule. In addition, the tools also send reminders to team members so that everybody stays on the same page.

There are so many project management tools around. Some are paid, while some are free and open source.

A good example of project management software is Trello. Other notable project management tools for small businesses include ClickUp and ProofHub.


#2 Customer relationship management (CRM)

Another essential tool for small businesses is CRM software. As the name implies, it serves as a central repository for tracking, managing, and measuring customer relationship touchpoints. You can use this software to know who is receiving, opening, and reading the email campaigns you send out.

In addition, it can remind you when you need to contact a high-value client that you haven’t contacted in a while.

Our recommended small business tools for customer relationship management are HubSpot and Zoho.

#3 HR management

The cost of hiring a dedicated or part-time human resources manager is huge. Hence, small businesses hardly see the need to get one.

However, HR management software can do the job perfectly well for your small business.  

So, if you need software to handle your payroll and customer service, go for HR management software. There are several of them available for free on the internet.

#4 Accounting software

Every business no matter the size, needs accounting software because of how valuable it is. It simplifies your financial tasks such as bookkeeping, invoicing, expense claims, and payroll management.

There are many accounting software programs you can lay your hands on. QuickBooks is one of the most popular online accounting programs.

With a good accounting software in place, small businesses can focus on other aspects of their operations.


#5 Website Monitoring

Most small businesses are now coming online. As a result of this, your website becomes your front door. Having spent a huge investment on making it attractive and user-friendly, you need to know who is using it.

This task can be simplified and automated with the help of website monitoring tools. These tools provide you with insights, which you can use for adjustments and improvements where necessary.

One such tool is Google Analytics. It is a website monitoring tool that is widely used by small businesses today.


Bottom line

 We have seen that small businesses need some technological tools if they are to succeed in today’s digital world. This is because of how important these tools promise to be. For one, enhancing productivity as business owners now focus on the operations that matter. Two, small businesses can operate smartly and make more profits. And three, these tools help decentralize your business operations.

In this article, we discussed 5 important tech tools every small business must have. It doesn’t matter the size of your business, what matters is the age we are in.

However, our list isn’t exhaustive as you will discover that there are more tools out there on the internet.

Happy exploring. 


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