Wed. May 29th, 2024

Although Donald Trump was the one to accept the Republican nomination for president at the Republican National Convention on Thursday night, his youngest son, Barron Trump, was the one who sparked controversy on social media.

Barron, 14, who is the lone youngster from the President and First Woman Melania’s marriage, turned into the focal point of online entertainment after he was seen standing up during his dad’s discourse. Barron, who was seated next to Vice President Mike Pence, rose to applause and shocked everyone when it became apparent how much taller he had become since he first took office in 2017.

The remarks about his level prompted a few serious discussions on Twitter on Friday, with many responding to how tall he’s moved past the years and others hammering the remarks as analysis towards the high schooler. Barron’s development spray additionally makes them keep thinking about whether he will immediately turn into the tallest individual in his family — which incorporates four more established kin from his dad’s most memorable union with Ivana Trump and Marla Maples.

Although the First Son’s current height is unknown, the fact that he has grown so tall shouldn’t come as a surprise given that his parents are both of a respectable height. His mom, Melania, a previous model, remains at 5’11”, while President Trump is supposedly 6’3″ or 6’2″.

Town and Country Magazine estimated in August that Barron might already be as tall as his father or even taller. Barron, who is rarely photographed, appears to be the same height as his parents in other images, even when his mother is wearing heels. Given that he clearly stood much taller than Vice President Pence, who is 5’10”, the RNC video clip suggests this height is likely.

In the event that Barron has similar level as his dad as of now, he could be well en route to turning into the tallest individual from the Trump family, as his more established kin are now practically all more limited than him.

In 2018, a report from The Cut said that the President’s three children, who he shares with his first wife, Ivana, are all different heights. His oldest, Donald Trump Jr., 42, is 6’1″. His little girl, Ivanka, 38, is similar level as his ongoing spouse, remaining at 5’11”. His child, Eric, 36, is right now the tallest of his kids, remaining at 6’5″ – – however Barron appears to be ready to take that title from him.

Concerning the President’s other little girl, Tiffany, 26, from his union with Maples, she is the most brief of her kin remaining at 5’8″.


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