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  • Allison Holker has an estimated net worth of $2 million
  • Holker’s wealth was amassed from her work as a professional dancer and television appearances
  • Holker was granted half of her husband Stephen “tWitch” Boss’ estate following his passing in December 2022

Allison Holker — the spouse of the late Stephen “Jerk” Chief — could see an expansion in her total assets after she was conceded half of the artist’s imaginative profit following his demise before the end of last year.

The “So You Want to Move” alum has an expected total assets of $2 million, as indicated by Superstar Total assets (CNW), gathered from her work as an expert artist and numerous TV appearances.

Holker originally acquired popularity in the wake of contending in the second time of “SYTYCD,” where she procured a spot in the Main 8. Subsequently, she acted in that season’s public visit and afterward got back to the show as a Top pick on Seasons 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 14.

The 35-year-old Minnesota local likewise shown up in “Assembly hall with a Curve” and a few times of the hit ABC series “Hitting the dance floor with the Stars.”

Holker previously showed up in “DWTS” in 2013 with her then-life partner, Chief, to play out a live version of Lindsey Stirling’s “Take shape.” She joined the cast the next year as an expert artist in Season 19.

During her first season as a pro dancer, she was partnered with “Mean Girls” star Jonathan Bennett, and the pair finished in ninth place. For Seasons 20, 21 and 23, she was paired with Riker Lynch, Andy Grammer and Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, respectively.

Holker, who specializes in various genres including jazz, tap and ballet, worked as a backup dancer for Demi Lovato back in 2011, as well as on “The X-Factor USA,” which aired from 2011 to 2013. She also earned extra bucks teaching at dance workshops and conventions.

In addition to these, she made appearances in the 2017 documentary “I Dream of Dance” and the TV shows “Live with Kelly and Mark,” “Celebrity Family Feud,” “The View,” “Celebrity Game Face,” “The Jennifer Hudson Show” and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” where Boss was the DJ.

In 2020, Holker and her husband landed their show, “Dance Like a Boss,” a competition where fans and viewers from all over the world and of all ages and skills can win a chance to become their guest choreographer as well as get a cash prize of $10,000 by sending their original moves to EllenTube.

Last year, Holker appeared in the Disney+ special, “The Hip Hop Nutcracker.”

On Friday, a judge from the Superior Court of California in Los Angeles County granted Holker’s request for the Spousal Property Petition, which was filed after Boss died by suicide at the age of 40 in December 2022.

Court documents, obtained by Entertainment Tonight, stated that Holker acquired half of Boss’ interest in 100% of all shares of Stephen Boss Productions. She also now possesses half of his interest earnings from his Goldman Sachs investment account, as well as royalties from Cast and Crew Production Services, Disney Worldwide Services, GEP Talent Services and SAG/AFTRA.


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