Fri. May 17th, 2024

Texting has become a valuable marketing tool. Using text messaging automation, you can interact directly with your customers. They’ll receive personalized messages from you right on their mobile phone. They’ll feel like they have a close connection to your company, and you can enjoy increased sales.

What Is Text Message Automation?

Automated text messaging is a wonderful way to stay connected to your customers through text messages. It allows you to send SMS messages to your subscribers automatically. This could be at scheduled times or when they trigger a specific situation. For example, when they first contact you or subscribe to your website, they’ll automatically get a general auto-reply text message acknowledging that they contacted you. These texts can thank them and let them know that you’ll be in touch with them soon.

There are two types of messages you can use. SMS drip messages are a series of texts sent to your subscribers once they do certain tasks, such as signing up on your website or replying to a previous message. SMS drip messages are sent directly to their phone instead of their email inbox.

On the other hand, scheduled messages are texts automatically sent to your subscribers on specific dates and times that you’ve scheduled. For example, you could have a bulk text message that includes a monthly newsletter sent to all of your subscribers at 10:00 a.m. on the first of every month.

Benefits of Text Message Automation

In addition to reaching out to your customers with little to no effort, text message automation provides you with several benefits. It can increase your sales by providing your customers with relevant and personalized messages. This also increases brand loyalty.

You’ll find that you can send each customer relevant information tailored to their needs. You can divide your subscribers into categories according to their gender, age, and demographics. Then you’re able to send text messages that are specific to their interests. By sending relevant messages to each group, you’ll boost your customer engagement rates.

Most importantly, you’ll have more free time. Rather than struggling to keep up with your correspondence, text message automation does all the hard work for you. Your customers will receive prompt responses when they reach out to you, and you’ll keep them in the loop regarding special events and sales without taking the time to send individual messages. This frees up time spent on customer service, tracking your competition, and tending to other issues critical to your success.

Uses for Text Message Automation

This system can be used to send out appointment reminders. These personalized messages build your relationship with customers and provide them with important details about upcoming events.

You can also have your text message automation send out abandoned cart reminders. This lets your customers know when they’ve added products to their cart but haven’t completed purchasing. These texts encourage your customers to come back to your website and buy the items they left in their cart. Close to 70% of online shoppers leave items in their carts but never purchase them.

Surveys can also be part of your automated text messages. You can collect customer feedback by sending automated texts, including a survey. Surveys can be a simple question about their recent purchase or a full-length questionnaire covering their entire experience.

Birthday rewards can be sent automatically as well. Each customer will receive a personalized greeting on their special day

This is a wonderful way to notify everyone of upcoming sales events by sending bulk text messages to all subscribers. You can include a link within the message that will take them directly to your special offers.


Text message automation is an effective way to offer a personalized experience for your customers. You’ll easily be able to keep subscribers updated on special offers, sales events, and new products or services. As a result, you’ll be generating sales and building loyalty.


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