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The series on the Quran’s structure and organization continues with this. The objective is to dispel the myth of the “random” and “unorganized” Quran and help the reader appreciate the incredible coherence of Allah’s subḥānahu wa ta'āla (glorified and exalted be He) (glorified and exalted be He) word.

سُورَة الإِخلَاص

Sūrat al-Ikhlāṣ

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Sūrat al-Ikhlāṣ seems to have two plausible designs.

A: Say, “The fact of the matter is that Allah is the only One.” 1)

C means He does not conceive, and 3a)

C’ means He was not conceived of. 3b)

B’: No one has ever been equal to Him; and 4a) A’: 4b)


[A]/[A’]: The central call of Islam opens the srah. Allah is “One,” and He is singular in that. This contrasts with the lowercase “one” at the end of the sah, which is just one of many lesser beings.

[B]/[B’]: Following the declaration of monotheism, Allah tells us that He is needed by everyone and does not require anyone else.


[C]/[C’] – The final theme of the srah is the fact that Allah has never participated in any kind of reproduction and will never do so. This makes Him distinct from all other living things and reinforces the points made in the preceding sections. He doesn’t have to have a parent or an heir to follow Him.


D: Say, “The fact of the matter is that Allah is the only One.” 1)

E stands for Allah, the Eternal. 2)

F means He does not conceive, and 3a)

E’ means He did not conceive. 3b)

D’ – Nobody has ever been equal to Him. 3)

[D]/[D’] – The sūrah starts by announcing Allah’s finished unity and uniqueness.


[E]/[E’]: The second yah discusses Allah’s future eternality2. One might ask, “What about the past?  With the second half of the third yah, Allah responds.

[F]: The center provides a concise synopsis of the two outer sections. This emphasizes His eternal nature and sets Him apart from everything else created.

And Allah is the wisest.

[Please refer to Heavenly Order for numerous additional examples of the remarkable organization and coherence of the Quran if you are interested in studying the structure of the Quran.]


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