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Prologue to the Story

In order to save the princess, Keiki Kiryuu is sent to a parallel world as a “hero.” He is, however, merely a high school student who has no interest in girls. Keiki is still summoned daily despite his successful return to his own world. The same thing takes place each time: He is put in a situation where he must save the day and return home, saving the day. Keiki seems to find nothing but pain in being a hero. However, he meets a girl one day who alters everything…

Characters’ Backgrounds

In order to save the princess, Keiki Kiryuu is summoned to a parallel world as a “hero.” He is, however, merely a high school student who has no interest in girls. Keiki is still summoned daily despite his successful return to his own world. The same thing takes place each time: He is put in a situation where he must save the day and return home, saving the day. Keiki seems to find nothing but pain in being a hero. Background of the Characters The four main characters in this story are all summoned to a parallel world, but then one day he meets a girl who changes everything. However, their motivations and backgrounds are all unique.

The story’s protagonist is Sora. She is a high school student who has been summoned multiple times to a parallel world. Her objective is to avoid being summoned once more and find a way home.

Water is one of Sora’s dear companions. She has also been transported to a parallel universe, but she is unable to recall how or why. Despite her caring nature, Aqua occasionally acts impulsively.

Another close friend of Sora’s is Kairi. She was born and has never left the parallel world. Kairi is not set in stone, yet she can be foolish.

Kairi’s older brother is Riku. He was also born in the parallel world; however, when he was younger, he left it and has since become a powerful sorcerer. Riku is serious and independent, but there are times when he can be distant.

How did they get called in?

Some people are born with the ability to communicate with beings from other dimensions and see beyond this reality’s veil. They acquire the moniker “summoners.”

Despite the fact that summoning is a skill that must be honed, some cultures hold the belief that everyone has it. Summoners learn to open themselves up to other planes of existence and summon creatures to do their bidding through years of study and practice.

Some people hold the belief that the spirits themselves select summoners. It is said that a spirit will find a way to enter the summoner’s dreams and bind themselves to them when they are looking for a vessel to possess or a tool to assist them in achieving their objectives.

The ability to summon is not something that should be taken lightly, no matter how they get there. It’s important for those who use it to be careful not to summon something they can’t control or understand. For when one arrangements with powers from past, there is dependably the gamble of losing oneself simultaneously.

The Present Situation

Assuming you want a comprehensive account of the world into which the characters are transported:

This world is one in which wizardry and other heavenly components are genuine and ordinary. The climate is rich and brimming with life, with bright verdure dabbing the scene. In this world, the sun is said to be extremely beautiful, and the stars are said to be so bright at night that they can illuminate the sky for miles. This world also contains dangers in the form of powerful magic users and ferocious beasts.

Strange Elements and Animals Within

Over the entire course of time, there have been reports of bizarre animals and components found inside our reality that appear to challenge clarification. A portion of these animals are peculiar to the point that they have turned into the stuff of legend, while others might be all the more generally known however no less puzzling. Some of the strange things that have been discovered in our world include the following:

It is said that the Himalayan mountains are home to the Yeti, also known as the Abominable Snowman. Since the beginning of the 19th century, there have been reports of the Yeti, and sightings have continued over time. The Sasquatch is supposed to be a huge, gorilla like animal canvassed in fur, for certain reports portraying it as depend on 10 feet tall. While there has never been substantial proof of the Sasquatch’s presence, many accept that it very well might be a relative of a wiped out types of gorilla.

Legend has it that the waters off Norway’s coast are home to the Kraken, a mythical sea monster. According to some reports, the Kraken can grow to a length of up to 100 feet. It is said to be huge. It is said to have arms that it uses to go after boats and hauls them under the water to their destruction. While there have been no affirmed sightings of the Kraken, many accept that it could be founded on genuine animals like squid or octopuses.

The creature known as El Chupacabra is said to have come from Puerto Rico. It is said to resemble a dog or

Challenges Looked in This New Climate

I had to deal with two major issues in a parallel world that I frequently visited.

The constant conflicts were the first. It would appear that there are always wars going on in this world. As a result, I was thrust into the middle of these conflicts as soon as I entered this brand-new world. Having to constantly fight and try to survive was exhausting.

The subsequent issue was more mental. It was attempting to deal with the realization that I would never be able to make a lasting impact on the world, no matter how hard I tried. Something would occur each time I made some progress, restoring everything to its previous state. It was extremely discouraging and frustrating.

Along the Way, Unexpected Allies or Enemies

Although it is a common misconception that one travels through life alone, this is not the case at all. There are chances for us to make new friends or enemies at every turn. Regularly, these connections are produced suddenly.

It’s possible that we’ll find ourselves at odds with someone we thought was a friend or that we’ll develop a close relationship with someone we thought was an enemy at first. It’s all essential for the experience of life. It can be challenging to learn how to navigate these relationships, but that’s all part of the fun.

What I’ve learned since I’ve been summoned

Being summoned to a parallel world enlightens one in a number of ways. One can learn, for instance, how to quickly adjust to a new environment, how to make friends with people who are different from them, and how to come up with solutions when things get tough. Furthermore, being called frequently expects one to be courageous and confront their apprehensions head-on. People who are summoned frequently emerge stronger and more capable than before as a result of these experiences.


We saw in this chapter how our protagonist, Jinko, was transported to a parallel world and how difficult it was for him to comprehend the new universe’s rules. We were informed about the monsters he has encountered thus far and the adventures he will have in the future. As a whole, this chapter introduced an intriguing premise that should keep readers interested as subsequent chapters are published. Obviously there is still much for Jinoko to investigate with respect to both himself and this bizarre world – making each resulting part a thrilling excursion!


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