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Medical and pharmaceutical translation services require in-depth field knowledge. This implies that providers of these services should be aware of the different branches within the medical sphere. They should know the various nuances and subtleties of each branch. Plus, they should exhibit mastery when it comes to the use of terminology. However, despite the expertise a healthcare and pharmaceutical translation agency shows, their professionals can still make common and dangerous errors. 

Choosing the right partner for medical translation services

Before hiring the best medical translation services, it’s vital to recognize how long they have been doing business. Similarly, you must know whether they are qualified to translate your specific medical documents. 

You can’t trust a company jack of all trades. Instead, you need specialized resources. Remember that the best medical and pharmaceutical translation companies are leaders in their domains. 

So, you need to check the past projects they have delivered. This pretty much helps to find the right company. Because you can now see if they have completed similar projects in the past. 

Following are some useful tips to help you find the best medical translation partner for your next project.

Examine your needs

There are different types of medical translation services. Based on your healthcare-related content, you can identify whom you need to hire. For instance, your company may not specialize in human medicine but in veterinary medicine. In this case, you will need veterinary translation which is a type of medical translation focused on animals.

When it comes to veterinary translation services, they have their own specialized knowledge, medical terminology, concepts, and procedures. So, you will need to look for an agency with experience that aligns with your translation needs.

Similarly, if you’re looking to translate your content into multiple languages, then a medical or veterinary translation agency with expertise in several languages would be your best bet. You can also make the best decisions on providers depending on whether you’re entering an international or local market.

Conduct a great deal of research  

Are you looking to shortlist a few medical and healthcare translation services? You may also want to carry out a background check to make sure whether a company is a good fit for your needs. Here’s how you can do it:

Head over to the search engines

Yes, search engines are a very powerful tool in your arsenal. Just go to the web and search keywords like top medical language translation services. If you already have a list of providers, you can use search engines to visit their websites. 

Great translation companies will always allow you to access their websites, case studies, and portfolios. You can also read their client reviews to get an idea of what it looks like to partner with them. Hence, simple internet research can bring a lot of positive outcomes for you in the future. 

Make the most of translation directories

Translation directories are online contact management platforms with huge databases of translation companies and freelance translators. So, it’s always helpful to check such directories over the web.

While most directories will be available in English, you can narrow your search down by selecting the area of expertise and the native language of the translator.

Request a word-of-mouth recommendation

In word-of-mouth recommendations, you ask your family members, friends, or others in your close circles. Since these recommendations come from people you trust, this serves as a powerful way to find the right partner.

Suppose, you’re already getting services from a medical translation expert. If you want to include additional language pairs they are not good at, you might request a recommendation from them. The translation industry is very close-knit and you’re sure to put in touch with a suitable expert this way. 

Compare the shortlisted agencies

So, your search for professional medical services is over and you have shortlisted a few names. Well, it’s time you should consider some other essential criteria to make the best decision.

Field knowledge and expertise

Work with an agency having seasoned medical translators. This means that translators will have a good knowledge of medical terminology and concepts in the industry. Thus, they will apply the rules nicely and ensure the correct use of terminology in translation. 

Remember medical translations can prove detrimental to both your company and patients. Therefore, accuracy is paramount. Therefore, it’s important to choose translators who are subject matter experts and know the industry well.

Look for other critical factors

Other things you can consider include proper certifications. If your medical translators are certified by top medical regulatory bodies, it means your project is in safe hands. 

You can also find out if your preferred translation partner holds any accreditation from local and global medical regulatory bodies. 

It would be nice to work with a company with ISO certification. This gives you an indication of quality medical translations. The right medical translation agency will also be well equipped with the latest technology such as quality assurance tools and computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools. 


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