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Every woman wants an hourglass figure that is both well-balanced and simple to dress. The shoulders of an hourglass figure are slightly rounded, the bust and hips are almost the same size, and the waist is clearly defined and narrower than either. The legs and upper body are considered proportionate, and the buttocks are rounded. It is possible for women to be tall and have a body shape like an hourglass. This is one of the most common body types for plus-size people. Finding the ideal plus-size formal dress for an hourglass figure is so simple.

Plus-size hourglass body types are a lot of fun to dress because they have the right proportions for any look. For exciting hourglass ladies, almost everything will be a little bit of va-boom. However, it is best to avoid anything that is boxy or baggy because doing so will make the body weigh more. Wrap dresses, retro dresses with an erupted skirt or proclamation neck areas, and slipovers or delicate cowl necks for an easy look are a portion of my top choices. The most flattering clothes are those with cinched styles.

Women with an hourglass figure typically have chests that are larger than average and well-defined torsos. Hourglasses have a waistline that is more defined closer to the rib cage because they can hold weight in the midsection and still have a well-defined waist. Due to the generous curves, many women may have trouble finding clothing that fits this body type. Dressing relatively at the top and lower part of the body, for example, by characterizing the midsection and featuring the bends, is fundamental for this body type. Continue reading to learn how to dress like a queen in plus-size clothing if you have an hourglass figure.

What are the best tops for hourglass-shaped plus-size women?

Any top length, formal or casual, looks great on this feminine figure. Fitted tops will emphasize the neckline and waistline. Tailored, peplum, and wrap tops look great on this body type. For petite women, a shorter top is more flattering and won’t cover the waist in fabric. Style options include a pair of heels, tailored pants, tailored tops, and T-shirts with a subtle hip flair. For a casual look, jeans and sneakers are ideal. Adding a belt or a ruched style to cinch the waist can improve the appearance. As was mentioned earlier, you should try to steer clear of fabrics with a lot of layers or bulky embellishments that make it hard to see the natural shape.

Which Pants Are Best for an Hourglass Shape?

A pair of well-cut tailored pants made of high-quality materials is flattering for plus-size hourglass women. A good choice are pants with a little flare, like bootcut or wide-leg styles. Additionally, high-waisted jeans are appropriate. To show off your hourglass figure and emphasize your waist, don’t be afraid to tuck your tops into your pants.

Which Dresses Are Best for an Hourglass Shape?

This body type looks great in the majority of dresses and dress lengths. Again, making sure the waist is fitted is important to emphasize the curves. The best kind of dress is a wraparound one because you can show off your waist and change the fit. Bodycon, sheath, empire, and flared-hemmed dresses are the best classic silhouettes for dresses that will show off the natural waist. Because they emphasize the body’s natural shape, dresses with a fit-and-flare silhouette are another great option for people with an hourglass figure. This dress style flows over the hips and covers the midriff. In point of fact, it is unnecessary to avoid other styles. Floating dresses in the tent style can also be flattering if you add a belt to show off your curves.

Wedding Dresses for Plus Size Women Who Are Hourglass Shape

The wedding ball gown is flattering on all body types because it balances the torso and bust and gives some definition to the waist. Women with larger busts should steer clear of strapless styles because they do not offer any support. Because it skims over larger areas of the body, a plus-size A-line wedding gown can be flattering for hourglass figures. A sheath gown also looks great because it adheres to the body and emphasizes the figure.

Which Necklines Are Best for an Hourglass Shape?

What kinds of necklines are best for women who have an hourglass shape and are plus-size? Hourglass-shaped women typically have a slightly heavy top. By showing off a little skin around the neck, you can show off the chest. Slipovers, square necks, and scoop necks, for instance, complement one another. The bust and waist will receive the most attention. For people with long necks, collars are a great way to emphasize the center of the hourglass figure.

More Fashion Advice for Plus-Size Hourglass Women

Here are some tips for bringing an ensemble together.

• Layered outfits, like a short jacket that falls just above the natural waist, will make the horizontal line more visible.

• Pencil skirts are a wardrobe essential for plus-size hourglass-shaped women because they are so flattering.

• Wearing tailored clothing is a great way to emphasize the waist. By selecting cinched or ruched tops, this can be accomplished.

• Stay away from tops with a lot of bulk, like oversized sweaters and cardigans. These types of tops don’t help the waistline at all; rather, they only add bulk and hide beautiful natural curves.

• As the midsection is more modest than the bust and hips, the midriff can be secured utilizing a belt. By smoothing in any excess fabric at the waist, this will ensure that the outfit fits properly. Thicker belts are preferable for women with short waists because they are more comfortable to wear. A narrow belt may not be as easy to keep in place as a wide belt for long-waisted pants.


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